WAAT: Women's Association for Addiction Treatment

Malibu Chapter

  • Malibu


    Chapter Leadership
    Chapter Co-Leader: Denise Klein
    Chapter Co-Leader: Anna Preston
    Membership: Jaimee Gooley
    Speaker Coordinator: Savannah Ganje
    CE Coordinator: Savannah Ganje
    Hospitality: Anna Preston
    Social Media: Jaimee Gooley

Upcoming Meetings

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  • Wednesday, March 24

    • Malibu

      9:00 - 10:30 AM

      Wednesday, March 24


      9:00 - 10:30 AM

      Speaker Meeting:

      Speaker: TBD

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      Host: Anna Preston
      Email: anna.preston@amfmhealthcare.com

Member Spotlight

Colleen Capistrano


Colleen has been working in the field of mental health and addiction for over 15 years, and has devoted her professional life to helping individuals support their hopes for a sober, fulfilling lifestyle.

She received her Bachelor of Arts from Mount St. Mary's University in Psychology and Child Development. She is currently the Marketing Director at Ocean Recovery, a residential program that specializes in substance abuse and interactive disorders.

Colleen has worked inpatient care, as well as an Assistant Director of Intake/Admissions and Business Development both within the country and abroad.

Colleen also serves as a board member for the Women's Association of Addiction Treatment as the Marketing Director, as well as the International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals Chapter of Orange County.