WAAT: Women's Association for Addiction Treatment

Sacramento Chapter

  • Sacramento


    Chapter Chairwomen:
    Chair: Stephanie Lake
    Co-Chair: Tzeli Triantafillou
    Membership: Kate Steele
    Media/Communications Chair: Joanna Jullien
    Speaker Coordinator: Dr. Jessica Rodriguez
    CEU's: Laurie Snodgrass
    Hospitality: Ricki Townsend and Amber Warner
    Events Chair: Kristina Padilla

Upcoming Meetings

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  • Wednesday, March 13

  • Wednesday, April 10

  • Wednesday, May 8

  • Wednesday, June 12

  • Wednesday, July 10

  • Wednesday, August 14

  • Wednesday, September 11

  • Wednesday, October 9

  • Wednesday, November 13

  • Wednesday, December 11

Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

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