WAAT: Women's Association for Addiction Treatment

Board of Directors/Chapter Chairwomen

Directors and Chairwomen


President: Linda Gingras
Vice-President: Jeannie Rabb-Marshall
Treasurer: Amna Butler
Secretary: Jacqueline Perlmutter
Director of Chapter Expansion: Joni Lavick
Director of Marketing: Colleen Capistrano
Director of Membership and Social Media: Angela Carrillo
Director of By-Laws: Jennifer Tarzia
Director of Continuing Education: Sophie Pflaster
Director of Special Events: Jillian Greene
East Coast Liaison: Heather Brookman

SFV Chapter Chairwomen

Chair: Jeannie Rabb
Co-Chair: Nita Vallens
Membership: Cyd Ferguson
CEU's: Open
Speaker Committee: Open
Hospitality: Naheed Carter

San Diego Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair, Danielle Van Der Reest
Speaker Chair, Emily Pellegrine
Hospitality Chair, Concetta Mantinan
Membership Chair, Brisa Romero
Social Media Chair, Elisa Quiros

OC Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Jennifer Bieler
Co-Chair: Kim Cartwright
Membership: Nicole Gonshor & Tessa Smith
Speaker Coordinator: RaeEllen Ellis
CEU's: Melissa Holmes
Hospitality: Connie Shyng

LA Chapter Chairwomen

Lead Chair: Marty Simpson
Co-Chair: Sandra Shahrokh
Membership: Barbara Wilson
CEU's: Cori Rosenthal
Speaker Coordinator: Sue Dinner
Hospitality: Lauren Wecker

Marin Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chairs: Frances Holmes
Membership Chair:  Ginny Bahr
Speaker Coordinators: Jenny Harris
Hospitality: Alison Crair
Social Media Chair: Jacqueline Perlmutter
CEU Chair: Gael Murphy
Chapter Liaison for Marin, Sacramento, San Jose, East Bay: Jacqueline Perlmutter

Santa Clara Chapter Chairwomen

Chapter Chair: Marian Ross
Co-Chair: Lindsey Corcoran
Membership: Athena Torres
Speaker Coordinator: Marian Ross and Lindsey Corcoran
CEU Coordinator: TJ Sachdev
Hospitality: Jeannie Anderson

Sacramento Chapter Chairwomen

Chair: Stephanie Lake
Co-Chair: Tzeli Triantafillou
Membership: Kate Steele
Media/Communications Chair: Joanna Jullien
Speaker Coordinator:
CEU's: Laurie Snodgrass
Hospitality: Ricki Townsend and Amber Warner
Events Chair: Kristina Padilla

Coachella Chapter Chairwomen

Chapter Chairwomen:
Co-Chair: Eloise Gene-Black
Membership: Yevette Stone
CEU's: Chelsea Ramirez
Speaker Coordinator: Carol Teitelbaum
Hospitality: Eloise Gene-Black

New York City Chapter Chairwomen

Director of Membership and East Coast Chapter Liaison: Christine Harrington
Co-Chair: Christine Harrington
Co-Chair: Melissa Crouse
Hospitality: Open
Membership: Open
Speaker Coordinator: Jumana Grassi

Ventura Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Nancy Swanson
Co-Chair: Kimberly Wick
Membership Chair: Heather Russo
CEU's: Audrey Slaugh
Speaker Coordinator: Terry Carroll
Hospitality Chair: Open

Westchester Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Nancy Scherlong
Speaker Coordinator: Jennifer Marciano
Membership Coordinator: Amanda Leherer
CEU: Open
Hospitality: Open

Malibu Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Denise Klein
Co-Chair: Tina McGraw
Membership Chair: Kimi Yudt
CEU: Anita Kaplan

Long Beach/South Bay Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Inger Hauge
Co-Chair: Cheryl Cambay
Membership Chair: Open
Hospitality: Open
CEU: Open

East Bay Chapter Chairwomen

Chair: Clare Brown
Speaker Chair: Monica Montoya
CEU Chair: Monica Montoya
Social Media Chair: Ami Doshi
Membership Chair: Heather Schaefer
Hospitality: Amanda Lacro

Chicago Chapter Chairwomen

Chair: Blair Famarin
Sponsorship Chair: Sara Watts
Membership Chair: Natalie Sabo
Marketing Chair: Melissa Moore
Education Chair: Danielle Carleton
Communications Chair: Emily Morris

West Suburbs of Chicago Chapter

Co-Chair: Annie Jaworska
Co-Chair: Meredith Sonetz
Speaker Coordinator: Char Scott
CEU Coordinator: Kristen Powell
Membership Chair: Stephanie Jarvis
Hospitality Chair: Ann Cerney

Member Spotlight

Colleen Capistrano


Colleen has been working in the field of mental health and addiction for over 15 years, and has devoted her professional life to helping individuals support their hopes for a sober, fulfilling lifestyle.

She received her Bachelor of Arts from Mount St. Mary's University in Psychology and Child Development. She is currently the Marketing Director at Ocean Recovery, a residential program that specializes in substance abuse and interactive disorders.

Colleen has worked inpatient care, as well as an Assistant Director of Intake/Admissions and Business Development both within the country and abroad.

Colleen also serves as a board member for the Women's Association of Addiction Treatment as the Marketing Director, as well as the International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals Chapter of Orange County.