WAAT: Women's Association for Addiction Treatment

Board of Directors/Chapter Chairwomen

Directors and Chairwomen


President: Linda Gingras
Vice-President: Jeannie Rabb-Marshall
Treasurer: Amna Butler
Secretary: Jacqueline Perlmutter
Director of Chapter Expansion: Joni Lavick
Director of Marketing: Colleen Capistrano
Director of Membership and Social Media: Angela Carrillo
Director of By-Laws: Jennifer Tarzia
Director of Continuing Education: Samantha Barron
Director of Special Events: Jillian Greene
East Coast Liaison: Heather Brookman

SFV Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair:  Angela Carrillo
Co-Chair:  Jennifer Kleinberg
Membership: Samantha Barron
CEU's: Loree Cohen, LCSW
Speaker Committee: Jennifer Kleinberg and Angela Carrillo
Hospitality: Open

San Diego Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Jennifer Tarzia
Membership Chair: Audra Birndorf
Speaker Co-Chair: Lauran Daugherty & Jillian McCarney
Social Media & Marketing Chair: Danielle Lacey & Pamela Clark
CEU Chair: Concetta Mantinan
Hospitality Chair: Nhila Kilber

OC Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Jennifer Bieler
Co-Chair: Kim Cartwright
Membership: Colleen Kelly & Allison Waite
Speaker Coordinator: RaeEllen Ellis
CEU's: Melissa Holmes
Hospitality: Connie Shyng

LA Chapter Chairwomen

Chapter Chairwomen:
Lead Chair: Maria Gray
Co-Chair: Kayna Cassard
Membership: Barbara Wilson
CEU's: Aviva Asbaghi
Speaker Coordinator: Marty Simpsom
Hospitality: Ashley Graber

Marin Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Terrie Carpenter, RN
Co-Chair: Sharon Guy, MA
Membership: Jacqueline Perlmutter DASD, RAS
CEU's: Pamela Lister, MFT
Speaker Coordinator: Noelia Ruiz-Angel

Santa Clara Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Marian Ross
Co-Chair: Stephanie Klindt
Membership: Angela Congdon
Speaker Coordinator: Marian Ross and Stephanie Klindt
CEU Coordinator: Janet Janssen
Hospitality: Jeannie Anderson

Sacramento Chapter Chairwomen

Chair: Kristina Padilla
Co-Chair: Emma McManus
Membership: Julie Cropper
Media Chair: Joanna Julien and Angela Chanter
Speaker Coordinator:  Clare Brown
CEU's: Laurie Snodgrass
Hospitality: Kate Steel and Riki Townsend
Events Chair: Stephanie Lake and Vicky Magobet

Coachella Chapter Chairwomen

Chapter Chairwomen:
Co-Chair: Eloise Gene-Black
Membership: Yevette Stone
CEU's: Chelsea Ramirez
Speaker Coordinator: Carol Teitelbaum
Hospitality: Eloise Gene-Black

New York City Chapter Chairwomen

Director of Membership and East Coast Chapter Liaison: Heather Brookman
Co-Chair: Christine Harrington
Co-Chair: Melissa Crouse
Hospitality: Jennifer Vargas
Membership: Open
Speaker Coordinator: Jumana Grassi

Ventura Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Nancy Swanson
Co-Chair: Kimberly Wick
Membership Chair: Heather Russo
CEU's: Audrey Slaugh
Speaker Coordinator: Terry Carroll
Hospitality Chair: Open

Westchester Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Nancy Scherlong
Speaker Coordinator: Jennifer Marciano
Membership Coordinator: Amanda Leherer
CEU: Open
Hospitality: Open

Malibu Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Denise Klein
Co-Chair: Tina McGraw
Membership Chair: Audrey Newmont
CEU: Anita Kaplan

Long Beach/South Bay Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Madison Brightwell
Co-Chair: Cheryl Cambay
Membership Chair: Tamara Hectus
CEU: Inger Hauge

East Bay Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Priscilla Tran
Co-Chair: Eileen Nichols
Speaker Coordinator: Jona Dominguez
CEU Chair: Mary Kennard
Social Media Chaor: Jessica Barbee
Membership Chair: Michael Anne Conley

Member Spotlight

Chanda Rankin, PhD, MA, CADC II

Currently in private practice, I see adults (18+) for individual psychotherapy. In addition, I provide psychological testing and assessment for adults (18+). With 24 years of experience working in the field of mental health and addiction, I bring a
unique breadth of experience and knowledge to my work founded on a combination of exemplary and diverse professional training, employment and personal experience. I have worked with adolescents and adults in: voluntary and involuntary psychiatric hospitals; residential and outpatient centers for addiction and co-occurring disorders; public mental health; community mental health; non-profit charity for music entertainment professionals. 

I have been fortunate to have worked at: Promises, PCH, Visions, Harmony Place, Musicares, Mills College, The Wright Institute, Kaiser Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital to name a few. As a co-founder of WAAT, it has been my privilege to see the organization grow, connecting women and resources in the field of addiction.