WAAT: Women's Association for Addiction Treatment

Board of Directors/Chapter Chairwomen

Directors and Chairwomen


President: Linda Gingras
Vice-President: Jeannie Rabb-Marshall
Treasurer: Amna Butler
Secretary: Jacqueline Perlmutter
Director of Chapter Expansion: Joni Lavick
Director of Marketing: Colleen Capistrano
Director of Membership and Social Media: Angela Carrillo
Director of By-Laws: Jennifer Tarzia
Director of Continuing Education: Samantha Barron
Director of Special Events: Jillian Greene
East Coast Liaison: Heather Brookman

SFV Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair:  Angela Carrillo
Co-Chair:  Jennifer Kleinberg
Membership: Samantha Barron
CEU's: Loree Cohen, LCSW
Speaker Committee: Jennifer Kleinberg and Angela Carrillo
Hospitality: Open

San Diego Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Jennifer Tarzia
Membership Chair: Audra Birndorf
Speaker Co-Chair: Lauran Daugherty & Jillian McCarney
Social Media & Marketing Chair: Danielle Lacey & Pamela Clark
CEU Chair: Concetta Mantinan
Hospitality Chair: Nhila Kilber

OC Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Jennifer Bieler
Co-Chair: Kim Cartwright
Membership: Colleen Kelly & Allison Waite
Speaker Coordinator: RaeEllen Ellis
CEU's: Melissa Holmes
Hospitality: Connie Shyng

LA Chapter Chairwomen

Lead Chair: Courtney Webster
Co-Chair: Betsy Spier
Membership: Barbara Wilson
CEU's: Deborah Morris
Speaker Coordinator: Tonya Meeks
Hospitality: Kimberly James and Katie Gregory

Marin Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Jennifer Parlette MFT
Co-Chair: Alyssa Aubrey CEGE
Membership: Jacqueline Perlmutter DASD, RAS
CEU's: Gael Murphy MFT
Speaker Coordinator: Tracy Korpela
Hospitality Chair: Open

Santa Clara Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Marian Ross
Co-Chair: Stephanie Klindt
Membership: Angela Congdon
Speaker Coordinator: Marian Ross and Stephanie Klindt
CEU Coordinator: Janet Janssen
Hospitality: Jeannie Anderson

Sacramento Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Clare Browne
Co-Chair: Mary Lisa Patton
Membership: Jamie Dejesus
Treasurer: Gretchen Anderson
Media Chair: Jennifer Carvalho
Speaker Coordinator: Jennifer Young
CEU's: Victoria O'Loughlin
Hospitality: Jody Krohn
Events Chair: Stephanie Lake

Inland Empire Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Lisa Molina
Co-Chair: Open
Membership: Open
Speaker Coordinator: Eloise Gene-Black
CEU's: Eloise Gene-Black
Hospitality: Lisa Molina

Coachella Chapter Chairwomen

Chapter Chairwomen:
Co-Chair: Eloise Gene-Black
Membership: Yevette Stone
CEU's: Chelsea Ramirez
Speaker Coordinator: Carol Teitelbaum
Hospitality: Eloise Gene-Black

New York City Chapter Chairwomen

Director of Membership and East Coast Chapter Liaison: Heather Brookman
Co-Chair: Christine Harrington
Co-Chair: Melissa Crouse
Hospitality: Jennifer Vargas
Membership: Open
Speaker Coordinator: Jumana Grassi

Phoenix Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Sue Shipman
Co-Chair: Michele Brown
Membership: Leilonne Neylon
CEU's: Marilyn Rowlins
Speaker Coordinator: Karen Krebs
Social Media Coordinator: Jolene Baney

San Mateo Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Christiana Martinez
Co-Chair: Shelley Richanbach
Membership: Melissa Mayes
CEU's: Open
Speaker Coordinator: Susan Bowen
Hospitality: Open

Ventura Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Nancy Swanson
Co-Chair: Kimberly Wick
Membership Chair: Heather Russo
CEU's: Audrey Slaugh
Speaker Coordinator: Terry Carroll
Hospitality Chair: Open

Westchester Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Nancy Scherlong
Speaker Coordinator: Jennifer Marciano
Membership Coordinator: Amanda Leherer
CEU: Open
Hospitality: Open

Sonoma Chapter Chairwomen

Chair: Gudrun Zomerland
Membership: Alice Petty-Hannum
CEU's: Alicia Wolf
Speaker Seeker: Lauren Petersen and Ashley Thompson
Hospitality: Shawna Schumacher

San Gabriel Valley Chapter Chairwomen- MEETING DISCONTINUED

Malibu Chapter Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Denise Klein
Co-Chair: Tina McGraw
Membership Chair: Audrey Newmont
CEU: Anita Kaplan

South Bay Chairwomen

Co-Chair: Madison Brightwell
Co-Chair: Cheryl Cambay
Membership Chair: Tamara Hectus
CEU: Inger Hauge

Member Spotlight

Joni Lavick, MFT

Joni Lavick, MFT, maintains a private practice in Santa Monica, is a long-standing employee at The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center - currently as clinical supervisor and past Director of Mental Health Services - and is a contracted provider at Moonview Sanctuary.

Joni has been working with HIV-positive individuals since 1988. In 2005 she received a National HIV Leadership Award from thebody.com. The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Psychotherapists Association honored her expertise and advocacy in 2000, with their Annual Community Service Award.

In addition to her work within the HIV community, she has special training in the scoring and administration of Mary Main's Adult Attachment Interview, and studied Intersubjective Systems Theory with Robert Stolorow for five years. She has years of experience treating individuals with sexual compulsivity and methamphetamine addiction.

Her most current publications include "Trauma and HIV: Frozen Moments, Frozen Lives" (in press) and "Conquering Anxiety; Living with HIV" BETA Winter 2007. An experienced public speaker, she has presented at many national conferences, University classrooms, and Community Based Organizations.

"I came for the networking, but stayed for the humor! Women of WAAT are hilarious!"