WAAT: Women's Association for Addiction Treatment

Board of Directors/Chapter Leadership

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

President: Linda Gingras, LMFT
Vice-President: Natanya Ross
Treasurer: Amna Butler
Secretary: Marie Hills
Director of Chapter Expansion: Joni Lavick, LCSW
Director of Marketing & SoCal and Mid West Chapter Liaison: Colleen Capistrano
Director of Membership and Social Media: Angela Carrillo
Director of Policies and Procedures & NoCal Chapter Liaison: Chanda Rankin, PhD
Director of Continuing Education: Sophie Pflaster
Director of Administration & Special Events: Jillian Greene, PsyD

Chapter Leadership


Leader: Blair Farmin
Co-Leader: Open
Membership: Open
Speaker Coodinator: Sarah Waats
CE Coordinator: Danielle Carleton
Hospitality: Open
Social Media: Open
Communications: Laura Adams

Chicago West Suburb

Co-Leader: Annie Jaworska
Co-Leader: Meredith Sonetz
Membership: Stephanie Jarvis
Speaker Coordnator: Open
CE Coordinator: Kristen Powell
Hospitality: Terry Cendejas
Social Media: Open

East Bay

Leader: Clare Brown
Membership: Michael Anne Conley (temp)
Speaker Coordinator: Monica Montoya
CE Coordinator: Michael Anne Conley
Hospitality: Cynde Porter
Social Media: Richa Sandhu
Social Media: Desiree Ferguson

Los Angeles

Co-Leader: Sandra Vargas
Co-Leader: Michelle Lee
Membership: Barbara Wilson
Speaker Coordinator: Georgina Robles
Speaker Coordinator: Kristen Houghton Johnson
CE Coordinator: Cori Rosenthal
Hospitality: Lauren Wecker
Social Media: Open


Co-Leader: Denise Klein
Co-Leader: Anna Preston
Membership: Jaimee Gooley
Speaker Coordinator: Savannah Ganje
CE Coordinator: Savannah Ganje
Hospitality: Anna Preston
Social Media: Jaimee Gooley


Co-Leader: Alison Crair
Co-Leader: Rosemary O'Conner
Membership: Catherine McQuilken
Speaker Coordinator: Rosemary O'Connor
CE Coordinator: Alice Tanner
Hospitality: Open
Social Media: Jacqueline Perlmutter

Orange County

Co-Leader: Kim Cartwright
Co-Leader: Tessa Smith
Membership: Nicole Gonshor
Speaker Coordinator: RaeEllen Ellis
CE Coordinator: Melissa Holmes Goodman
Hospitality: Connie Shyng
Social Media: Open


Co-Leader: Angelina Horn
Co-Leader: Jamie DeJesus
Membership: Barbara Field
Speaker Coordinator: Kim Meggs
CE Coordinator: Laurie Sodgrass
Hospitality: Jaqueline Paulson
Social Media: Joanna Julian
Events: Barbara Field
Events: Alice Rodriguez

San Diego

Co-Leader: Tiffany Congelliere
Co-Leader: Tessa Smith
Membership: Jamuna Rosner
Speaker Coordinator: Tessa Smith
CE Coordinator: Emily Pellegrine
Hospitality: Open
Social Media: Emily Pellegrine
Sponsorship: Elisa Quiros

San Fernando Valley

Leader: Amna Butler
Membership: Elisa Saunders
Speaker Coordinator: Open
CE Coordinator: Open
Hospitality: Open
Social Media: Open

Santa Clara

Co-Leader: Marian Ross
Co-Leader: Richa Sandhu
Membership: Athena Torres, LMFT
Speaker Coordinator: Richa Sandhu
CE Coordinator: Marian Ross
Hospitality: Jeannie Anderson, LAADC, CADC II

Sonoma Chapter Leadership

Leader: Chanda Rankin, PhD
Membership: Sylvie De La Cruz Vatinelle
Speaker Coordinator: Lynn Iovino
CE Coordinator: Krista MacKinnon
Hospitality: Shannon Clay
Social Media: Krista MacKinnon

Member Spotlight

Linda Gingras, LMFT, CADC II, CCS

Linda is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a board certified alcohol and drug counselor through the California Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (CAADAC), and has also been certified by CAADAC as a Clinical Supervisor. She has extensive experience working with chemically dependent and dually diagnosed populations in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

As the Director of Addiction and Prevention Services at Jewish Family Service, she is responsible for coordinating substance abuse services including prevention, assessment, treatment, education, and referral for chemically dependent clients, program development, in-service training of staff, educational programs in local schools, and community outreach. Prior to coming to Jewish Family Service, she was employed for over five years at Cedars Sinai Medical Center as the team leader for Addiction Medicine Services, and spent ten years as the coordinator for chemical dependency services at a private psychiatric hospital in Southern California.

"WAAT has given me a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow professionally while meeting some of the most outstanding women in the addiction field."